1. fbb1964

    Lockdown Caused More Smokers

    https://www.planetofthevapes.co.uk/news/vaping-news/2021-05-18_lockdown-caused-more-smokers.html Lockdown Caused More Smokers Posted 18th May 2021 by Dave Cross A new report speaks about the terrible impact vape shop closures and increased difficulty in accessing smoking cessation services...
  2. Jean claude Vaaldamme

    Lockdown Youtube

    Seeing that we maybe going back to stricter lockdown, a thread for some golden oldie, new or interesting video's
  3. Downtown Vapoury


    Isolation Curve 120ml A soft juicy pear combined with a slice of watermelon and ice which is blended to perfection to provide a mojito experience which is guaranteed to be your next all summer vape! Primary Flavors: Watermelon , Pear Bottle Size: 120ml VG/PG Blend: 70VG/30PG Isolation...
  4. ivc_mixer

    Ramaphosa told to lift cigarette, alcohol ban and move to Level 2 lockdown

    https://www.news24.com/news24/southafrica/news/breaking-ramaphosa-told-to-lift-cigarette-alcohol-ban-and-move-to-level-2-lockdown-sources-20200812 Whether it will happen remains to be seen.
  5. ShortCutNinja

    Lockdown level 2

    According to sources, we will be moving to Level 2 on Sunday. This includes the lifting of cigarette and alcohol ban. https://www.news24.com/news24/southafrica/news/breaking-ramaphosa-told-to-lift-cigarette-alcohol-ban-and-move-to-level-2-lockdown-sources-20200812
  6. takatatak

    Alcohol and tobacco ban to remain for lockdown

    Prepare to get pissed off!! :-@ Alcohol and tobacco ban to remain for lockdown Published by Lucinda Dordley on July 22, 2020 The ban on alcohol and tobacco will remain in place for the duration of lockdown. The South African Government announced the decision announced on Wednesday [July 22]...
  7. 5lic3

    High Court declares Level 3 and 4 lockdown regulations invalid and unconstitutional

    What would this mean for vaping? Lockdown regulations remain in operation for now.... LINK
  8. Riaz_sh

    Consolidated list of retailers open for hardware,one shots and concentrates(NO NIC) during Lockdown

    Hi Guys I thought it would be a good idea to have a consolidated list of online retailers open during lockdown selling Hardware One Shots Concentrates Cotton Obviously no nicotine and e-juice
  9. Worskos

    Lockdown Troubles

    Hi All Just a quick question. Is it at all possible to buy vaping supplies (for delivery) during lockdown? What are the rules regarding this? Thanks
  10. TyTy

    Shopping list after lockdown

    So what's everyone planning on getting after lockdown? Had some time to look around for new juice I Wana try and came across a few iv been dying to give a go Phat Harry- That Pink Ice Cream Emisarry - Pure Blue Nostalgia - Avatar As well as some firebolt cotton and all sorted. What's...
  11. Hooked

    Name one life lesson which you have learned during lockdown

  12. DirtyD

    No more Cotton during lockdown

    Hi All, So I am on my last strand of Cotton Bacon V2 - and the lockdown is still extended for 2 weeks... This was the last thing I thought will run out during lockdown.. Any suggestions for DIY cotton ? Or anyone in the Cape Town CBD / Gardens area that can send a "posduif" to me with vaping...
  13. Dela Rey Steyn

    Current standings of SA Lock Down regulations

  14. stevie g

    Possible reason for tobacco scarcity

  15. Silver

    NB Caution - Classifieds on Lockdown

    Hi all Please note that as per our President’s instructions, South Africa is currently in national lockdown to help flatten the curve for the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, we caution members on using the ECIGSSA Classifieds until the national restrictions are lifted. Please note that delivering...
  16. Hooked

    Working from home?

    This is not for those who were already working from home before lockdown. This is directed specifically to those who are now working from home, due to lockdown. So often people wish that they could work from home. Now that you are, how do you feel about it? Do you wish that you could...
  17. Sipho007

    Lockdown Juice

    Item wanted:Vape Juice Price Preference: any amount (reasonable) Condition:desserts or fruits 3mg Age of the item:n/a Location of item: Pretoria Delivery/Collection:Anywhere in Pretoria (I’ve got a permit) Reason: Ran out of vape juice, about to go cold turkey Picture here (if it helps...
  18. Vaperite South Africa

    Sign the petition - allow vape sales during lockdown

    Guys and gals, for the sake of all of us in this industry, retailers, manufacturers, and consumers, please click on the link below and sign the petition. Tell everyone you know who vapes to sign it. Let's see if we can get 100,000 submissions!! @Silver , any chance you can pin this post at the...
  19. Rob Fisher

    Lockdown Wick Testing

    With some brief discussion of Rayon as a wicking material I went off to the Boat House that has some Vape Cupboard storage to look for some... found a small box and I also have a HUGE box! So let's do some wicking tests over the next few days!
  20. Hooked

    CBD Deliveries continue during Lockdown

    This might help those who become stressed during lockdown! I wonder how they got permission to deliver CBD?? I think it's unfair that CBD may obviously be delivered, but not vape stuff. Granted, there are many who use CBD out of necessity, in which case it would be classified as an...